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  1. Q: How does IMCaster E-Marketer work ?

    A: IMCaster E-Marketer works by talking to the ICQ server directly. It uses the latest OSCAR protocol for many new features. It is a SUPER ICQ client, in a way that it can :

    - Handle multiple login.

    - Search through the user database and filter out duplicates results.

    - Send and respond to messages in parallel (multi-threaded).

  2. Q: How many message can I send in one hour ?

    A: About 5000 - 10000 messages in one hour. Other factor that may affect the rate are:

    - the number of threads you use.

    - the criteria you specified in your search.

    - how many duplicated records you got.

    - the speed of proxy server (if you use a proxy server).

  3. Q: What can I do with the auto-responder ?

    A: Auto-responder is a great feature for you to enhance the effectiveness of your promotional and provide answers to some questions from the recipients. When auto-responding messages are carefully planed and used, many recipients will believe it's send by a true people.

  4. Q: What is a project ?

    A: Project is a file used to save the state and settings. Each project contains the criteria you specified on the "Filter Tab", the messages on the "Message Tab", sender UIN on the "Sender UIN", Options on the "Options Tab" and auto-response keyword and message on the "Auto Responder Tab".

  5. Q: How many sender UIN should I use ?

    A: The minimum number of sender UIN required is the number of threads you use (search + send). For better performance, we'd recommend three times the number of threads you use.

    You can also import sender UINs from an external text file (uinpassword.txt) you saved before.

  6. Q: I've got this message "no clean UIN to use" from the system log, what does that means ?

    A: It means that all your sender UIN have been used to search and send message extensively and hit a rate limit imposed by ICQ. They are unable to do anything for some couples of minutes. When all your sender UINs reach this state, this message would come out. You should input more sender UIN or decrease the number of threads.

  7. Q: What kind of message can I send ?

    A: Both ICQ message and URL message can be sent by IMCaster. Here is their difference:

    An ICQ Message has a longer text length of 250 characters but do not have a heading. A URL message has the URL as the heading and the recipient has a button to open the URL directly. However it has a shorter description length of 100 characters.

  8. Q: How do I have IMCaster to send a test message to myself?

    A: In the Options dialog, enter your own UIN in the Test UIN box to receive a test message every 100 sends.

  9. Q: What if I have other question ?

    A: Please send to

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