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Maintain a bulk list of ICQ UINs -

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IMCaster UIN Manager

IMCaster UIN Manager is a fast and easy to use ICQ UIN software. It allows you to centrally manage a list of ICQ UINs without any duplicates and verify the validity of your UINs. It is not a ICQ spam software.


- Key Features -

  • Maintain a bulk list of ICQ UINs, get rid of duplicate and bad ones.

  • Verify the validity of your UINs and correctness of passwords with ease.

  • Change Passwords of UINs in bulk.

  • Send message from your UINs.

  • Import/Export to and from a text file.


- New Features in v2.2 -

  • Shuffle All to change the order of the UIN list.

  • Change Selected Pwd to change the password of selected UINs.

  • Performance and minor tweak.


Keeping and maintaining a huge list of UINs is a tedious task. You may have several sources of UINs, plus you may need to separate your UINs to be used among several people/computers.

Using IMCaster UIN Manager, you can ensure there is no duplicates UIN and no bad UINs which are dead after over extensive use.



As you send messages with your UINs or under special circumstances, UINs may become invalidated. That's what UIN manager can help you. With just a click to start the verification process, you can make sure all your UINs are fresh and up-to-date.

You can choose to verify all or verify only unknown status UINs by first selecting the corresponding node from the "UIN Status Tree"


Change Passwords

You may use UIN Manager to change the passwords of all your UINs automatically. The password can be specified by you or generated by the program randomly. Changing the passwords ensure higher security and privacy of your UINs.


Send Message

This function allows you to send any ICQ message, from each of all the UINs in the list, to a particular ICQ recipient. It's usage is up to your situation, but our intention is for verification purpose, not flooding other ICQ user with messages.



You can import from a text file containing a list of UINs and passwords. You can also export your UINs to a text file. An additional option to delete exported UINs is available.

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